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Are dental x-rays safe and needed?

Dental x-rays are an important tool that we use to determine what is happening inside your mouth. With x-rays, Dr. Call can see things like gum disease, infections in the bone, tumors, cysts, abscesses, tooth decay, and cavities, often before these issues may be causing you discomfort. Detecting many of these concerns early will allow you to choose more effective treatment options that are less invasive – and could even save your life in the case of tumors or cysts.

We use digital x-rays at RGC Dentistry, which have the lowest possible dose of radiation. One x-ray has less than half the radiation exposure you would get from a sunny day in Arizona! These x-rays are readily available for Dr. Call to see and discuss with you, so it allows you to access treatment faster when necessary. They are also safer for the environment as they require no chemicals for development.

We typically recommend that x-rays be taken one time each year, unless you are having specific issues. X-rays also provide Dr. Call with an excellent baseline for your oral health that she can use if future concerns should arise.

Please feel free to contact RGC Dentistry and talk with a team member if you have concerns or questions about dental x-rays.

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